Amanda Moreno

Amanda Moreno is pursuing an MD at Harvard Medical School. Amanda graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and a double minor in Chemistry and French & Francophone Studies. A first-generation Latinx immigrant, Amanda has been passionate about social justice and advocacy from a young age. An aspiring physician, her ultimate career goal is to work at the intersection of clinical care and public health to improve treatment access and outcomes for underserved populations. 


Amanda recently co-founded a non-profit organization called Body Empowerment Project (BEP). Starting a nonprofit didn’t come without its challenges, but seeing the direct impact the program has had on the way participants treat and talk about their health and bodies has epitomized the impact she wants to make as a future physician. Amanda continues to run the nonprofit today as co-president and board member. In the long term, she hopes to apply her medical training to become a professional at the forefront of health equity advocacy.