Natalie Geismar

Natalie Geismar is pursuing her JD at Yale Law School. At Yale, she works on multiple law journals, assists with research related to movement lawyering and civil rights impact litigation, and serves on the executive board of OutLaws, Yale Law’s LGBTQ+ student group. Previously, she was a Senior Project Coordinator and Policy Analyst at the Brookings Institution, where she researched economic mobility and federal rural development policy. In her time at Brookings, Natalie engaged directly with policymakers and members of Congress, publishing evidence-based policy proposals to promote equity at the intersection of race, place, and class. She hopes to leverage her law degree to work directly with vulnerable communities and translate lessons learned into federal government service or civil rights class action litigation. 

For her undergraduate degree, Natalie studied international development at Washington University in St. Louis, where she was a Danforth Scholar and a Stamps Scholar. Her internationally focused work has centered on expanding access to education and reproductive health. Natalie is an Associate Producer of the Academy Award winning documentary Period. End of Sentence, which explores the intersection of education and menstrual equity. 


Whether working domestically or internationally, Natalie aspires to bridge the right people and resources to enact positive change. She is happiest when working with—and learning from—others in pursuit of a common goal.