Arinzechukwu Nwagbata

Arinzechukwu Nwagbata is pursuing an MBA at Stanford Graduate School of Business and an MD at Harvard Medical School. He holds a BS and Arts in Biochemistry from the University of Texas at Austin as a Dean’s Honored Graduate, Graduate of Distinction in Service and Leadership, and Distinguished College Scholar. 

Arinzechukwu’s upbringing in Nigeria has significantly influenced both his research endeavors and career path. Living and working in Nigeria have deeply shaped his perspective, particularly regarding the importance of service as a means of fostering human connection. He founded the “Hold a Hand Project,” which supports Nigerian student community leaders by providing financial assistance for their education and mentorship for their community projects. He conducted research on the psychological distress experienced by college students engaged in manual labor in southeastern Nigeria, as well as in the field of global surgery and orthopedic global surgery with the aim to improve surgical care in low and middle-income countries. 

In his practice, Arinzechukwu aspires to integrate the creation of cost-effective surgical tools and devices for low and middle-income countries, while actively participating in the discourse surrounding the establishment of sustainable hospital systems in southeastern Nigeria. 

Arinzechukwu takes joy in experiencing theatrical expressions through shows and movies, expressing his creativity through writing, and pursuing tailoring as a hobby. Additionally, he prioritizes regular exercise.