Debbie Rabinovich

Debbie Rabinovich is an advocate and organizer who is committed to building and expanding racial justice and immigrant rights through her work. As a master’s student in Socio-Legal Research at the University of Oxford, she is currently researching the construction of redress and reparations within survivor testimonies of Japanese internment. Previously, at the Stan Greenspon Center for Peace and Social Justice, she worked to develop advocacy strategies and facilitate community programs to address the forced displacement of Black residents in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Charlotte, NC in the 1960s. Before that, Debbie worked at the Nationalities Service Center in Philadelphia, where she helped to increase social service access for immigrant survivors of domestic violence.

These experiences have coalesced to form a unique understanding of linkages between social justice movements and opportunities for racial justice and immigrant rights advocates to collaborate on issues that concern the rule of law, due process, excessive use of force by law enforcement, and redress for historic injustice. Debbie is keen to bring this perspective to her study of law and to continue learning and working towards justice.