Isita Tripathi

Isita Tripathi is pursuing an MD at Harvard Medical School. Isita graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and minor in Disability Studies. After witnessing inequities both domestically and abroad, Isita became passionate about supporting patients and families who are marginalized within the service system. During her time at UCLA, she created new service programs for the houseless community and established a student-run organization that works in collaboration with local nonprofits to bring surgical, legal, and psychological resources to underinsured families.

After graduation, Isita continued her efforts through the UCLA PEERS Clinic and Disability Voices United, where she contributed to both research and policy initiatives that are working to improve clinical care for youth with developmental disabilities. At HMS, she seeks to continue employing a combination of research, service, and advocacy to increase accessibility and improve outcomes for patients from underserved communities.