Liana Wang

Liana wang is pursuing a JD at Harvard Law School. She received a BA in Economics (with distinction) from Yale, with an interest in poverty and inequality, and was also a Human Rights Scholar. She received the Chantler Award upon graduation for “courage, strength of character, and moral purpose,” then completed an MPhil in Politics (with distinction) at the University of Oxford on the Rhodes Scholarship, where she studied political economy and feminist theory.  

Liana has helped multiple cities design, fund, and implement decarbonization, climate adaptation, and climate justice programs She has worked with colleagues across Harris County to design transformational investments in childcare and workforce development, and provide emergency assistance to families during the pandemic via the American Rescue Plan. She was a part of exciting labor economics research projects as an undergraduate, including contributing to a study of unemployment benefits during the pandemic that was cited in Congressional debates. 

After law school, Liana hopes to work in government as an attorney and policymaker to combat climate change and advance environmental justice. She’s excited about enforcing laws to ensure companies are held accountable for pollution and emissions, streamlining regulations to ensure everything from new decarbonization technologies to adaptation projects or sustainable affordable housing can be more easily and widely implemented, and designing new policies and regulations to lower emissions, create more walkable and green neighborhoods, and protect vulnerable communities.  

Liana is from Houston, TX. She enjoy running, bouldering, baking, and cooking. She is also a passionate urbanist and excited to advocate for more pedestrian and bike friendly infrastructure and housing affordability in Cambridge!