Lilith Winkler-Schor

Lilith Winkler-Schor is pursuing a Master of Urban Planning at UCLA with a concentration in urban design. As an urbanist, designer, and civic curator, Lilith has spent the last five years working in neighborhood community and economic development in New Orleans, Louisiana, with a particular focus on the role that art and artists can play in improving in civic systems. Excited to return to her research in equitable urban planning and community engagement, Lilith will use her graduate studies to further examine how practitioners can develop more emotionally intelligent cities by fostering belonging, opportunity and joy for all residents.  


Lilith graduated summa cum laude with dual degrees from Tulane University, a B.A. in political science and social policy and a B.F.A. in visual art.  Lilith is also a Truman Scholar and is proud to dedicate her career to public service.