Razaan Killawi

Razaan Killawi

Cohort Year: 2021

University of Michigan ,Ann Arbor

Razaan Killawi is a Syrian American born and raised in Detroit. She is currently a freshman at the University of Michigan exploring art and design and looking to minor in entrepreneurship. She graduated from Frontier International Academy in 2021. Razaan enjoys exploring different mediums, from watercolor to graphic design. Her art is inspired by life experiences, motivation to explore and shed light on different cultures, and bringing awareness to social injustices around the world. Razaan won a national art competition and was featured in an online exhibit with 22 other artists. Her work was also featured at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit. Soccer, playing the ukulele, and reading are just a few of her hobbies. In the future, she wants to use her art degree in combination with her community organizing experience to establish art opportunities for Detroit creatives.

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