Solely Lugo Rivera

Solely Lugo Rivera

Cohort Year: 2022

Michigan Technological University

Solely Lugo Rivera was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, and has been raised all over the west side of the United States before settling into Detroit, Michigan. She will graduate from Cesar Chavez Academy High School in 2022. Her favorite class is her DE Intro To Programming class, where she is having fun exploring the wonders of being able to create things from nothing but 1’s and 0’s. She is a part of the National Honors Society, whose goal is to help provide and volunteer for their community. She has participated in a paid internship at GDYT to help prepare herself for her future career. In college, she hopes to achieve her bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering. She can’t wait to fully immerse herself in the college experience and learn all about her future dream career.

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