About Us

Samvid Ventures was created to improve lives of underserved individuals.

Our Focus

Samvid Ventures was started with the belief that society must accelerate the pace at which we expand opportunity, especially for those facing significant barriers. We aim to fulfill our mission of building stronger, more inclusive economies through initiatives primarily focused on education, entrepreneurship, and healthcare. 

Samvid Ventures is structured as a philanthropic family foundation. Its founders believe that obtaining access to high-quality education unlocked for them the opportunity to immigrate to America. Upon arriving, they conceived an idea for a business, bootstrapped it, and grew it over four decades. Our focus on education and entrepreneurship stems from these deeply personal experiences; our interest in healthcare is rooted in a strong belief that building increased awareness around wellness, and improving the accessibility and quality of care, can drive better outcomes for all, particularly the most marginalized, in our country. 

As the world around us changes, so, too does the work in which we engage. Where possible we use technology to improve the efficiency and scalability of our work, as well as the work of our fantastic partners.

We focus much of our programming in Detroit, Miami, and New York City, three cities of significant importance to our founders. During the initial stages of the COVID pandemic, we supported community organizations in these three cities through our Community Resilience Prize. In addition to these geographic commitments, some of our programming and that of our partners is national in scale.

Our Values

Each day, our team is guided by four values set by our founders: clarity, impact, boldness, and humility. While we strive for them each individually, we find they work best in concert. We work to live out our values to be simple and precise, drive meaningful impact, think big, and remain modest.

Our Approach

Our goals to build inclusive economies and advance innovation do not sit parallel, rather we work on them concurrently, with a fervent belief that underserved communities deserve equitable access to the most advanced innovations our world has to offer. We commit ourselves to two areas of work.

Build Inclusive Economies: We have a fundamental belief in inclusive economies where underserved individuals and families have access to excellent services and products built specifically with and for their communities. We work towards this vision each day through programs like Samvid Young Leaders, our Social Impact Fellowship and our Community Resilience Prize series.

Inclusive Economies

Advance Innovation: We believe in the power of continuously advancing the fields of education and health, and we seek out ways to support individuals and organizations who are thinking big about how to change the world. We support this work through programs like Samvid Scholars.

How We Work

The challenges we work to address require thoughtful strategic input and urgent action. We commit to meeting this through careful piloting, delivering programs expediently, and always remaining nimble, flexible, and responsive to the current environment. We were able to do this effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic which instilled in us a desire to always prioritize working quickly to match the evolving needs in communities we care most about.

We know how important it is to always be learning, listening, gathering data, and improving our programming. Our commitment to continuous improvement is in our DNA. We don’t let a day pass without asking our communities, ourselves, and each other how we can do better. We are grateful for the candor and support our program partners give us that allow us to constantly improve.