Aysha Chowdhury

Aysha Chowdhury

Cohort Year: 2022

University of Michigan ,Ann Arbor

Aysha Chowdhury is from Bangladesh and currently lives in the city of Detroit. She goes to Ben Carson High School and her graduation year is 2022. Her favorite class in high school is Biology because she loves learning about the human body and how it works. Outside of schoolwork, she was involved in several clubs, but one club that she really enjoyed was called Women of Tomorrow, where they talked about different women dominated careers, how they became successful in life and discussed any problems that they have as a group. She also enjoys volunteering. In summer 2021, she had the amazing opportunity to be part of a BCAP (Biomedical Career Advancement Program) group, where she learned more about medical careers and gained research experience. In fall 2022, she will be attending University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (Umich) as a biology major. By attending Umich she is looking forward to learning more from both her peers and her professors.

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