Laura Clancy

Laura Clancy

COO of Samvid Ventures

Laura is the COO of Samvid Ventures, where she leads operationalizing our organization’s strategy and DEEP Shaala. Laura is a nationally recognized expert frequently cited in national press on helping social impact organizations get better as they get better. Prior to SV, Laura was Chief Talent Officer at Mastery Charter Schools, Chief of Staff of Achievement First, Managing Director of New Sector Alliance, a management consultant at Bridgespan, and a leader in the national office of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Laura graduated magna cum laude from Harvard and won their annual Women’s Leadership Award. She holds an MBA from Columbia Business School where she was a William Randolph Hearst Scholar, and an Masters of Education through the Broad Residency in Urban Schools. She currently serves on the board of EdFuel, a national education nonprofit, and has previously served on the boards of Riders Alliance in NYC and the Guidance Center in Cambridge, MA. Laura lives in New York City with her family and more books than she could ever read.

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